Mission 5: Case of the secreat fur

This is an explaination of CP Mission Five. It has subtitles to explain it in detail and songs too. Oh yah. If you want to get a pizza medal, help deliever the pizza from the pizza parlor to the penguin at the ski village.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from youtube.com posted with vodpod

1. Click on your spy phone. Click on the Tools. Use the comb to get the pink fur out of the Furensic analyzer.

2. It will analyze the fur automatically.

3. Talk to G again. He will give you the old white fur. Analyze it in the machine.

4. Click on the Map in the upper left corner. Go to the Pizza Parlor (its in the Plaza) and talk to the penguin. Ask if you can use some of the ingredeince as evidence.

5. Put a bottle of hot sauce and chocolate sauce in your inventory. And also get a candle off one of the dining tables.

6. Talk to the penguin again, get the pizza on the table, and give it to the penguin that is ice fishing at the back of the Ski Lodge (go to the Ski Village, then into the Lodge, then into the Door that says ‘Ice Fishing’).

7. Go to the coffee shop (in the town) and talk to the penguin working there.

8. He will talk for a while, then he will show you a drawing of the “monster”.

9. Talk to him again about the hot chocolate machine, and he will say the machine is broken and ask you to fix it. Click on the machine behind the penguin.

10. Put the mug under the hot chocolate drain and use the wrench (in your spy phone) to fix the milk hose on the left. Put chocolate sauce (from your bottle) in the bowl at the top.

11. Click the Knob on the right to change it from ‘Cold’ to ‘Hot’. Now Push the button to get hot chocolate. Now Pick up the Hot Chocolate Mug (filled with hot chocolate) and put it in your inventory.

12. Go to the gadget room in the HQ (teleport to the HQ using your spy phone) and get the AC1000 (its a fan) and put it into your inventory.

13. Go to the Lighthouse beacon (go to the Beach, then go into the Lighthouse, talk to the penguins, then go upstairs). Keep walking right until you see the Jet Pack Fuel floating in the air with the balloon. Click on the AC1000 so you’re holding it. Then click on the fuel to start blowing it and then cut the string that’s holding the balloon with your scissors (spy phone)

14. Then go to the Gadget Room again and talk to G.

15. Tell G you have all the items and pour each into Goggles Funnel. (Pour the fuel, then the hot sauce, and then the Cup of Hot Chocolate)

16. Once you pour in the substances, pick up the goggles and go inside the lighthouse.

17. Pick up the rope that is in the Red boat.

18. Go outside the lighthouse and get the Net (that’s next to the tray of fish)

19. Put the rope and net together to get a Trap.

20. Go to where the penguin was ice fishing and put down the Trap near or on the tree branch.

21. Put the candle down on the Trap as bait.

22. A crab will get caught in the trap and the mysterious animal will run away. A white tuft of fur will be left behind.

23. Pick up the crab and the white fur and take it to G in the Gadget Room.

24. Talk to G and then give him the Crab.

25. Talk to him again and then Analyze the white fur (put it into the slot on the left of the machine) and you will find out its a polar bear!

26. YOU HAVE FINISHED THE MISSION! Get the Medal and Box of Pizza!

Thanks to Roscoz and Purplehaz3 for giving me the quick-version of the guide 20 minutes after the mission came out (yes, we were waiting for the mission and the above is not the quick-version).


Once you finish the mission, open your inventory to where you hold your clothes. You will have a pizza box in the inventory. Open it and you can now eat the pizza! It refills if you open and close the box. There is also a note for you at the top of it.




  1. nana said,

    that was a fun mission

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  6. chocostar said,

    haha missions are fuun

  7. Coconut Lover said,

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  9. shifa said,

    thnx tht was easy n fun fyi im going to cheat in every mission

  10. Nicole said,

    it was a really fun mission, thanks for posting this!! I never would have beat it if it weren’t for this site! thank yo!

  11. ellie said,

    OMG! shifa u left a reply on my b-day plus i hope everyone enjoys this in the futer plzzzz let them make an electric hair brush LOLs

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  13. ellie said,

    the penguin is hidding in the couch

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